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While freshly gathered rice stalks may all look alike, only Family Choice promises you the highest quality rice products. From the fertile fields of Cagayan and Isabela, we select only the highest quality rice paddy through industry-leading levels of strict quality assurance. We are proud of our enduring relationships with our quality rice paddy suppliers, most of whom have grown with our company as well. Through advanced and sophisticated lines of fully-automated milling machinery, we guarantee that the Family Choice Rice we being you is the highest quality.

Family Choice Rice is sealed immediately after milling, locking in the quality that you and your family deserve. The packs are carefully delivered to you by our own fleet of well-maintained trailers. Our first class milling facility has been recognized by the DENR as conforming to emission standards (RA 8749) and solid waste management (RA 9003).  As we move toward ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications, you can be sure that Family Choice is the quality choice for your family.


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